Submission guidelines

If you are interested in pitching an article to The Despatch Box, check out our submission guidelines:

  1. Try to keep posts between 600-800 words – short, concise and to the point posts tend to do a lot better than 1000 words of waffle.
  2. Always back up facts, statistics and claims with sources – not like an essay with references at the end, but include hyperlinks (if you are unsure how to do this just message us and we can do this for you).
  3. Aim to write about something current, in the news, going on at your university or something you predict is about to break – posts with a current news hook will get more hits and interest.
  4. Feel free to be as passionate and one sided as you like, this your platform to write about what you want. However, obviously we cannot post anything that is libellous or that we deem to be horrifically offensive, but as you can see from some previous posts we like to question the norm and be controversial.

Send pitches to: or message our Facebook page.