Six Freshers tips you won’t hear anywhere else

There are a million and one guides on the internet for Freshers — what to bring to university, what you should do when you’re there, what to cook and how to pick the perfect housemate. But what these guides don’t tell you is the top things to make sure you DON’T do in your three years.

These six real life tips will ensure you don’t piss off your house mates, course mates or even lecturers. No these aren’t the standard “don’t drink your flat mates milk”, these are the real life irritations you will be sure to experience at one point or another.

Make sure you’re not guilty of these six things and your university life will run along smoothly.

Don’t turn up late to the same lecture every week.

I am sure all students have someone who springs to mind with this one. Their smirk and casual demeanor amuses no one and it gets very tiresome watching them make an entire row shuffle along — so they can sit there and take no notes for the full hour. Either come on time or don’t bother at all.


Don’t be a uni clothing keeno.

There’s always something quite peculiar about the people who buy an [insert uni name here] hoodie in the first week and wear it everyday for the next three years. We all know you go to that University, we see you on campus daily. Buying a hoodie as a momento when you graduate is fine, wearing uni merch for your whole three years isn’t. (same goes for wearing school leavers hoodies).

Don’t act like a BNOC (big name on campus).

Being a BNOC can either be a blessing or a curse, making out like you are one when you’re not is most definitely a curse. There is nothing worse than being friends with that guy who makes out like they know absolutely everybody. Whether you’re on campus, in town or on a night out, they’re saying hi and bye to every Tom, Dick and Harry you walk past. But they clearly don’t know these people from Adam.

Same goes for when they’re telling you a story about that guy “Bob”, they act like you should totally know who bob is, and you’re a social introvert for not. There is nothing worse than a wannabe BNOC, so avoid this at all costs.


Don’t be the person who never takes the bin out.

Ah the joys of shared living. This may sound menial and you’ll rarely come across this problem if you live in student halls. But when living in a shared house, if the bin is full take it out — stop trying to break the world record for rubbish Jenga. It stinks, it’s irritating and it takes five minutes to do. The same goes for putting the bin out and buying bin bags — this is hands down one of the most infuriating parts of student living.

Don’t be a smart arse.

Clearly this didn’t go down well in school, what makes you think it will go down well at uni? It’s fine to enjoy your studies, that is what you’re here for, but there’s nothing worse than the person who interprets a 200 person lecture hall to tell the lecturer they’ve got something wrong. Or someone who interrupts them for anything for that matter. Please remember the person at the front has an undergrad degree, a masters and PhD — you currently have none of these things, pipe down.

Don’t use the word “banter” in a serious context.

Or any context for that matter. Ever.




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