A student guide to Newcastle

So, you’ve moved to university in Newcastle and you’re all settled in but what now? In all likelihood, your first year timetable isn’t that full which means you have a fair bit of free time on your hands and staring at your laptop, binge watching a TV series on Netflix, is only fun for so long.

There’s tons of things to do in this famous North East city that are sitting right under your nose, so make the most of your free time now because soon enough deadlines are looming, months pass by and suddenly you’re about to graduate, which means only one thing – entering the world of work.

Here’s a list of 10 things to do in Newcastle in your first year at University:


Even if you’re on the tightest of budgets, it’s still possible to eat out, and frequently too! Different people prioritise different things of course but if like me, you love food, there are so many restaurants and cafes with student friendly prices. My personal favourites are: Kafeneon, Mascalzone, Fat Hippo and Alvinos.


Newcastle is notorious for its nightlife and there’s no denying it, it’s pretty damn good. It’s cheap, always busy and always a laugh (especially when you end the night in Flares). Just make sure you actually turn up for that 9am the next day…

Pleased to Meet You restaurant, Newcastle.


The location of Newcastle is one of it’s best qualities. A few minutes walk away from leafy Jesmond, twenty minutes from the coast and an hour from Edinburgh, make the most of it and explore! If you haven’t had a trip to Jesmond Dene and Tynemouth beach by the end of the academic year, I’m going to be very disappointed!


You may be an avid sports fan or you may care about it as much as people care about Katie Hopkins’ opinions, but can you really say you live in Newcastle and not go to a match at St James’ Park? Look out for deals from your students’ union for super cheap tickets!


If you’d rather take part in a sport than watch it, there’s a heap of clubs you can join at your university, as well as budget priced gyms across the city. You could even dabble in Yoga, with Yogalillies offering a great student membership or utilise the many parks in the city, and take in the scenery on a jog with your friends.




It may not the be the warmest city in the world (and yes, it is true about the wind) but Newcastle is a beautiful city, with some amazing views on display. Whether it’s a walk along the Quayside and across the Millennium Bridge, or a scenic stroll through the old town, wrap up warm and get your phone at the ready, because Instagram won’t know what’s hit it…

Look up

Newcastle has the most stunning architecture, especially in the city centre, which can be quite unusual for a city. As you walk around, look up and take in the amazing surroundings.

Take part

University is one of the only opportunities you will get to join loads of weird and wonderful societies, try them out and hopefully take up a new hobby! Make the most of this time, have a look at all the societies on offer and if you don’t see one you like, start one yourself!

Grey Street, City Center.


If nights out drinking aren’t your thing, but you want to get out of the flat and have a good time, why not go to a comedy club? The Stand in the centre has some great live, stand up acts on every week and it’s cheap as chips! Plus, it’s been said that laughing can tone your stomach muscles so really, it’s like a free gym class…


Everyone knows that one thing students have in abundance is spare time. You might be told you need to get a job, have a new hobby and be doing things all the time “whilst your young” – but it’s also ok to do nothing. Kick back with a book or a TV series, make a cup of tea and relax, guilt free.

So there we have it, ten ways to make the most out of your first year at university in Newcastle. I hope you found it somewhat helpful, and if it at least inspired you to do one thing you hadn’t thought about before, my work here is done.

If you’d like to read more posts on where to eat, drink and visit in Newcastle, head over to my blog, Written by Girl, where you’ll find the ultimate “Student Guide to Newcastle”.



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