Film on Campus: Take 2 Cinema

Take 2’s crucial selling point may easily be the price of a ticket. Where else can you go to the cinema for £3 a pop? Though Lancaster’s Vue does deliver showings at the point of release for those frothing at the bit for the next big title, it’s a safe bet those same films will come to campus three months later. Due to this, Take 2 is perfect for those late to the game regarding the next big feature, or alternatively wanting round two with their new favourites.

You have to be pretty on the ball to catch the films you want to see, screenings typically only lasting a couple of days, but this is to be expected from a small cinema with a high film turnover. Over the past couple of years I’ve caught titles like The Avengers, Les Miserables and Cloud Atlas, in all cases the cinema providing a good service. Additional selling points include its close proximity to Bowland bar and fresh popcorn catering courtesy of Unicorn. Notably, it’s one of the few student cinemas to have a 3D projector.  The long and short of it: Take 2 is a good cinema and worth supporting, particularly because it’s entirely run by students.

In talking to Meg Bates and Hannah Davis, the president and vice-president of the cinema society, I gained more insight into how Take 2 operates. The group is comprised of projectionists and stewards, executive roles including the acquisition of films and posters, the training of society members and publicity.A new projectionist can expect five weeks’ training before being given the reins for a particular screening. After this, they are expected to run one screening per term. The perk: free films.

Take 2 Cinema Review Nathaniel Spain

It all sounds very neatly organised, though not without difficulties. Projector maintenance and making sure the received films are licensed can throw a spanner in the works, sometimes leading to cancellations. Thankfully these are pretty irregular. Anyone is welcome to join the society and they can be contacted via or through Facebook.

Perhaps Take 2 misses out on something through focusing on popular recent releases. The convenience of its location and the fact it is student-led has the potential to give people access to more unusual films on the big screen. As to be expected, however, this is dictated by audience size. I’m told that foreign language films and documentaries don’t get much of a look-in, these kinds of features typically drawing in only a handful of people. Democratic enough.

Take 2 is planning to show a greater number of older films, anyway, including a sci-fi week featuring Ghostbusters and 2001: A Space Odyssey (excellent), and a Lord of the Rings marathon, tickets for which will shortly go on sale. Next term also sees big releases like the latest instalments of the Hobbit and Hunger Games series, as well as Alan Turing’s biopic The Imitation Game. Screenings show Thursday-Monday with tickets costing £3 with a Purple card or £4 without – making for great cinema experience on a student budget.

If you’re interested in checking out Take 2 you can view a sneak peek at some of the films they have on offer for Lent Term here.

By Nathaniel Spain




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