Eat & Wander: Go Burrito Lancaster

It’s a tough call deciding where to grab that bite to eat or coffee and cake at the best of times, particularly if you fancy avoiding the same old same old that comes with all of Lancaster’s chain cafés and eateries. But when you choose to look that little harder, we have a bunch of independent treasures from which to select.

One of Lancaster’s most popular independent establishments (and a personal favourite of mine), is Go Burrito. I can’t recall a week in which I haven’t nipped in to pick up my usual Purple card meal deal and stamp my loyalty card, and yet I still come across so many people who’ve never even heard of it!

Having first popped my burrito cherry a couple of years ago, I’ve tried pretty much every combination of filling; from shredded beef to veggie chilli, from cheese to no cheese you get the opportunity to pick from a range of fresh, flavourful fillings and to personalise your order exactly as you wish.

IMG_20141117_183443 (1)go

Burritos come in all shapes and sizes, as do nachos, but for the brave hearted amongst you, Go’s infamous Titanic Challenge may be just what you’re after! Having witnessed my flatmate and only girl attempt to eat the 3ft burrito and accompanying nachos in the allotted 30 minutes, it’s safe to say it is no mean feat!


Go Burrito’s relaxed, quirky atmosphere, friendly staff and affordable menu make it one of the most student friendly spots in Lancaster. The city’s only burrito bar isn’t exactly hidden, located at the bottom of town, opposite St. Nicholas Arcades car park.


In the evening Go doubles up as a tequila bar with regular Go-live nights comprised of acoustic performances from all the best local talent; so maybe for the handful of you out there that can’t appreciate the perfect B, you can spend the night trying out some of Méjico’s finest Tequila. So long as you remember guac is always extra, you really can’t go wrong!

By Sophie Walsh


01524 874 775 | Lancaster Rd LA4 5QR



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