Eat & Wander: The Yard Coffee & Food

Cold, chilly mornings always signal my need for a hot cup of coffee and in Lancaster it’s a pretty regular occurence. Located in a small nook en route to Common Garden Street is The Yard, a snug, independent coffee shop that is a prime spot for people watching.


The hum of busy traffic and the rush of society soon dissolve as you step into the cosy confines of the café. The hearty brown cedar wood sharpness of a fresh brew steadily greets the senses and the place swiftly becomes a comforting cloak of coffee and warmth. Taking a seat on a small table by the window decorated with an origami tulip centrepiece, the place didn’t feel as cramped as we expected.

The light that came through brightened the small place and we were soon distracted by the numerous photography of American landscapes by M J Swarbrick that graced the café, giving the place vivid urban vibes. And if art doesn’t take your fancy there’s plenty to observe outside if the hustle and bustle of the street is what you prefer while you’re solaced by a warm cup of coffee. The café certainly had a vibrant atmosphere where you can easily watch the world go by, or even as a place to work and Tweet with the café’s free wifi.

SAM_7050 SAM_7040


While the place is small and only accommodates a few tables, their menu boasts a pretty sizeable range of choices. From sweet treats from the Yummy Cupcake Company to savoury salmon bagels, soups and toasted ciabattas. Although if you’re like us (indecisive and greedy) and have a taste for both, you can opt for the pancakes, bacon and maple syrup combo.

The drinks menu is obviously packed with a variety of hot drinks and artisanal teas. We ordered plain black americanos which were served just at the right temperature and perfectly textured with a rich aroma. Can’t go wrong.


The Yard’s coffee is certainly noteworthy, the only wood roasted coffee in Lancaster from artisan coffee roaster UE, the café showcases 10 house roasts of strong, hearty and full-bodied blends, and it’s safe to say a sip erased all signs of our lethargy. If you’re in the mood for something sweeter though, you can try their mini-mochas or even their ‘apple pie in a glass‘, a hot apple drink with hints of cinammon.


And if you’re feeling exceptionally fatigued by your busy student schedule the Yard offers breakfast and lunch deliveries straight to your door and you can perk up with a cup of their house roast while enveloped in your duvet.

Check out The Yard if you’re in the mood for a good wake up call or simply a cosy setting for a hearty coffee in this little independent café in the heart of Lancaster.


01524 847393  |  5 King St, Lancaster



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