When Does Israeli Exceptionalism Stop Being Exceptional?

This article is not a narrative of the 60 year ongoing injustice of the Palestinian people. For everyone reading this and those of you who know me, know this- that I am not a fully practising follower of Islam, in fact, much of the time the lines are blurred for me and I tend to read in between them. However I feel that the unprecedented declaration of war, caused by the closing of Al Aqsa Masjid in Jerusalem  on 30th October 2014 was a disgusting incitement of violence, racism and an abusive attack towards the sentiment of well over 1.6 billion Muslims who currently hold Islam dear as their faith.

I see it as a direct attack on my faith. I am sure many of you have read recently that this; the 3rd holiest site in Islam, the 2nd Masjid on earth to be built and the 1st Qiblah for Muslims was sealed off for a day. A place of daily worship and historical significance was attacked by over 300 Israeli soldiers last week and declared as Israeli and Jewish territory.

The pulpit inside Al Aqsa is a beautiful piece of historical architecture, it was built in the 12th Century by Salahuddin Ayyubi and was already destroyed by Israeli forces in 1969. It was once again subject to actions of a barbaric nature, the brutality with which the forces treated both the architecture and worshipers was with neither understanding or mercy.

Many of you may be asking why I even bother writing this article, this all seems pretty common sense right? I mean when the World’s 2nd largest faith is directly attacked by desecrating a sacred symbol, we immediately realise that this is against our moral code of conduct. I am sure most of you will feel this way. Yet I am here to remind you that this is not enough!

We need to make this the centre of a global political agenda, a voice louder than only about the Al Aqsa Masjid, or about the 52 Day Gaza War which killed over 2000 civilians or about the daily injustices that go on in Palestine without any media attention. We need to use our power, to protect our faiths and our moral code from a direct incitement of enmity and war. No one wants another Palestinian Intifada! So let’s make this about Global Peace, Justice and Humanity. We need Israel to hear that their Exceptionalism is no longer an exception, that Zionism will no longer be acceptable as a tool used against the vulnerable and unarmed.

Declare your support. Use #HandsOffAlAqsa now!

By Asma Hanslod


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