The Halloween Internet Tour of Terror

As I’m sure at least some of you are already aware, today is Old Hallows’ Eve.

If you are not aware, Halloween is the world’s official annual day of spookiness, held on the 31st of October, it is most commonly celebrated by children dressing up and demanding sugared confectionaries from their neighbours, whilst those of us who are of legal age dress up and demand alcoholic confectionaries from any present bartenders. However, this year will be the first to have a minimum quota of spookiness, which all citizens of the commonwealth are required to complete, and that, inadequately terrified masses, is what I’m here for.

As you may already be aware, the internet is a rather strange and often messy place and so at this point I must give you a disclaimer, if you are allergic to spookiness or the internet then I would question how you are reading this and caution you to stay indoors until all the pumpkins have rotten away. For those of you left, please follow me to our first stop on the Halloween Tour of Spookiness and Horror.

Remember when everybody was obsessed with that Slenderman fellow? What the balls was that all about? Well, the Slender Man was created on the Something Awful forums back in 2009, but that is not our first stop on the tour, instead, we will be heading to the not so spooky depths of youtube, to visit a show named Marble Hornets. Started shortly after Slendie’s inception, the show is like The Blair Witch Project via David Lynch with a hint of the classic slasher flick. An entry can be anything from under a minute to twenty minutes long but trust me, once you start watching them you’re not going to want to stop, and soon enough just like Jay (The Protagonist, for now anyway) you’ll be sucked into the ever growing mythology and intrigue that surrounds a random student film with a dumb name. The show ended just over 4 months ago after about 87 entries (Not counting the cryptology of totheark ) and it’s about as spooky as youtube gets.

Next stop, we’ll be heading to the more obscure territory of The SCP Foundation, started in 2007 it is one of the largest and spookiest collections of monsters, objects, machines, and stories from every spooky place you could imagine. To explain in detail the concept of this website and its content I fear would rob you of one of the most fundamental experiences of first visiting The Foundation, instead I shall link you to some of my personal favourites.

For mild spookiness, check out SCP-895, for true purified horror I would recommend SCP-106. If you’re looking for something a litter deeper to dive into for your mandatory spookiness, SCP-093  in all its colour shaded glory is probably your best bet, and finally, for those of you studying theatre, look no further than The Hanged King’s Tragedy.

Well now I’m afraid things are going to get a lot more horrifying, you’ve made it to the third act, horror movie convention dictates that spookiness levels have to peak and for that we’re going to need the much tried and tested expertise of H.P. Lovecraft.

For those of you who are unaware, H.P Lovecraft was a writer from Providence who at some point between 1913 and 1921 stared into the abyss of the universe and was driven completely insane. After 1921 he began to wildly scribble out some of the most celebrated works of terror ever published, and although he died relatively young his works have gone on to influence the likes of Stephen King and Joss Whedon to name but a few. Lovecraft’s most famous contribution to literature is probably the accursed octopus headed titan Cthulhu, who slumbers beyond time and below the oceans, occasionally waking to maul sailors and drive those unlucky enough to hear his call into deathly insanity and eternal sleep.

All of Lovecraft’s writings and history can be found and viewed on including the complete and collected Cthulhu Mythos from which many of his best works come. My personal spooky recommendations would be The Colour out of Space, Nyarlathotep, and of course, The Call of Cthulhu.

Well there we are, how are we all holding up? Everyone holding onto their sanity in the face of these untold horrors? Dagon will not be happy about that, although to be fair the only thing that ever improves his mood is planning the apocalypse. But I digress, hopefully you’ve all managed to fulfil your spookiness quotas for this year, if you’re still finding yourself under budget then it’s probably time to dig up the Goosebumps novels.

Happy Halloween.

By Greg Harrison

[Image Credit: Pedro Ferreira]


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