Students Second Half Flurry Sinks Staffs in Sports Relief Match

It was a dim, rainy March afternoon; two teams gathered on the campus astro’s, tensions were high, though not as high as Theo’s denim shorts. It was a match to end all matches, to decide once and for all who would be named PPR victors, staff or students. As well as raising money for a great cause – Sport Relief.

The student team, Captained by Grant Helm, was made up of Will Butler, Sam Mace, Theo Sheehy, Sam Richardson, Connor Monaghan, Kieran Breheny and Georgi Kirkov. They were relatively cool and collected to start presuming it would be an easy win, but the staff were well prepared.



The Staff team, Captained by Simon Mabon, was made up of Oliver Fitton, Chris McLeod, Mathew Johnson, Mark Garnett, Robert Geyer, Gareth Bowden and Julie Hearn. They had been training for weeks and even made matching kits; they were taking it far more seriously than the students had anticipated.



However, the staff bravado didn’t quite live up to their skill, with the first half ending in a slaughtering of 4-1 to the students. This embarrassment led to the staff embarking in a few shady tactics, especially from Garnett putting in a few unfriendly shoves on the student players.


After what must have been a rousing half time pep talk by Mabon, the second half began with more gusto from the staff. They managed to pull back 3 goals in a relatively short space of time. Student player, Sam Mace, picked up a nasty scrape whilst attempting to protect the student goal from the staff offensive. The students looked baffled by the staff onslaught, but they weren’t out.


In a quick turnaround the students pulled it back, scoring 3 goals in the last 20 minutes wiping the floor with the staff.  But the final goal of the match, an own goal by Garnett proved the highlight of the game for many. The final score was 8-4 to the students.

Despite the rain, the match was a success and in total raised £120 for Sport Relief.


 By Lizzie Roberts


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